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The online and land based bingo industry has been pretty much scandal free. Because of the random nature of the game cheating is difficult if not impossible. In 2009 one of the few cases of bingo game rigging took place at a Gala bingo hall in Sunderland UK. It seems that an employee figured out a way to rig a bingo game with a £10,000 jackpot.  Gala bingo employee Christian Grant put numbers manually into the random number generator and then called the numbers on his girlfriend’s bingo card. Grant received 9 months in jail for his crime. Outmoded equipment was blamed for the problem and has been remedied. Although a few online casinos have been caught cheating there has not been a documented case of cheating at online bingo sites.

Although there have been rumors and accusations of cheating at bingo sites most of these can be attributed to players who were angry because they lost money. Online bingo sites do not have to rig games because they make money no matter who wins. Online bingo operators know that even the slightest hint of a scandal would cost them dearly. During every game players contribute to the pot and the bingo operator takes a commission on each game. The bingo operator will get their money no matter what the outcome of any game is. It makes no sense for any bingo operator to cheat their players.

Bingo is one of the few truly random games of chance. Bingo cards are generated randomly as are the numbers called during a game. In the UK where online bingo is regulated and taxed bingo sites must undergo stringent testing to ensure that the random number generator is working properly and games are fair. Late last year the UK added an extra layer of protection for online bingo players. Under the new rules all online bingo sites accepting wagers from UK residents must have a UK gaming license and pay taxes. Advertising for online bingo is strictly regulated by the UK government.

Players at online bingo sites in a regulated environment can be sure that all games are honest and are not rigged. Although there have been rumors of some bingo sites using ‘ghost players’ or shills so far there has not been a documented case of any site using these tactics to cheat players. Because of the strict regulations and high standards set by bingo operators players can be assured of honest and entertaining online bingo games.

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